logo_0005_Pandora (3 of 7)With extensive experience and in depth knowledge of retail store fit-outs and re-models with many national blue-chip and independent retailers, our services can be tailored to fit your requirements within your time frame.

With the recent climate crisis, the retail industry has been forced to rethink new strategies to entice customers, resulting in the race to enhance their customer journey and in a cost-effective way. Lighting plays a big part in the customer journey, and with the rise of the digital experience the atmosphere and ambience is greatly dependent on a stores electrical structure.

Our vast experience in the retail sector has provided us with both the skills and knowledge to create a lighting solution that will be functional, but also coincide with the in-store marketing by leading customers through the store and drawing them to specific areas or products.

Having worked with large brands as well as smaller independent stores, we understand the importance of brand alignment and so work with our clients to create a structure and finish that can be replicated in all stores, regardless of size and budget variation.

Making the most of our Retail services.

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